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Shaft Support Blocks

Thomson Shaft Support Blocks

Shaft support blocks are used for end or intermittent support where loads are light and slight shaft deflection is not a concern.  Unlike shaft support rails, blocks do not permit longitudinal passage of open-type ball bushing bearings.  Shaft support blocks enable clamping of shafts, type SB and eliminate the need for bolts to maintain shaft position.  Shimming is suggested for high precision applications to eliminate the effect of variations in surface of base or manufacturing tolerances between supports.


Shaft Support Block Specifications:

Support Block Style Imperial Type (in) Metric Type (mm)
Sizes .25" - 2" 8mm - 40mm
Support Types Standard
Low Profile
Low Profile
Support Materials Aluminum
Malleable Iron
Malleable Iron

Shaft Support Block Highlights:

  • Type SB shaft support blocks enable clamping of shafts and eliminate the need for bolts, etc. to maintain shaft position
  • Type ASB shaft blocks, manufactured from high strength extruded aluminum, provide either end or intemittent support in applications where loads are designed with a regerence edge on one side of the base
  • Type FSB flanged support blocks offere perpendicular mounting without the need for special adaptor brackets
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