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The T-Series family of products is now obsolete.

These are dimensionally interchangeable with industry standards, but their function is significantly different. Engineering review is recommended for replacement, or you can review our current product portfolio.

T-Series Linear Guides

T-Series Linear Guides

Thomson's T-Series is a lightweight, flexible and forgiving alternative to all-steel profile rails. This high quality product is made from aircraft aluminum alloy with hardened steel load bearing plates and ball paths and is an ideal choice for applications requiring reduced weight inertia.  This aluminum guidance system uses hardened steel inserts in carriages and rails to provide a low-weight solution for critical, high performance applications.


T-Series Specifications:

Standard High Narrow Narrow High Standard
20 X X X X
25 X X X
35 X X X
Style A E F G

T-Series Highlights:

  • High flexibility translates into N class radial run out only.
  • Proprietary "U" channel construction allows the rail to flex to accommodate poor machine bases or misalignment errors.
  • Lower cost installation and reduced installation time by eliminating the need for a costly machined base and special tools.
  • Drop-in replacement for conventional all-steel profile linear guides.

T-Series Typical Applications:

  • Airplanes
  • Automobiles
  • Machine Tool
  • Ships
  • Packaging
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