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WM40 (POWERLINE) Linear Units

WM40 (POWERLINE) Linear Units

Thomson's WM40 (POWERLine) positioning slide utilizes a patented screw support technology. In addition, its patented plastic coverstrip system allows operation in dirty environments keeping the internal system components fully protected while reducing friction to a minimum. The WM40 model of this family is specifically designed for miniaturized applications with extremely small dimensions.


WM40 Specifications:

General Specifications WM40S WM40D
Profile Size
(w x h): [mm] 
40 x 40 40 x 40
Type of Screw  ball screw with single nut  ball screw with double nuts
Stroke Length (Smax), maximum
2000 1950
Linear Speed, maximum
0.25 0.25
Acceleration, maximum
20 20
Repeatability  [± mm] 0.02 0.01
Input Speed, maxium
3000 3000
Operation temperature limits
°C (°F)
0-80 (32-176) 0-80 (32-176)
Dynamic Load (Fx), maximum
1000 1000
Dynamic Load (Fy), maximum
450 450
Dynamic Load (Fz), maximum [N] 600 600
Dynamic load torque (Mx), maximum  [Nm] 10 10
Dynamic load torque (My), maximum [Nm] 30 30
Dynamic load torque (Mz), maximum  [Nm] 30 30
Drive shaft force (Frd), maximum  [N] 100 100
Drive shaft torque (Mta), maximum [Nm] 3 3
Ball screw diameter: [mm] 12 12
Ball screw lead: [mm] 5 5
Weight: kg
of unit with zero stroke
of every 100 mm of stroke
of each carriage



WM40 (POWERLINE) Feature Highlights:

  • can be installed in all directions
  • patented guide system
  • self-adjusting plastic cover band
  • patented screw support system

Main features of the WM40 option:

  • Single ball nut
  • Double ball nuts
  • Left/right screw
  • Undriven version
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Guide Type


Nut Type



Travel per Revolution



Shaft Orientation

Shaft Quantity

Left Side (angle), First End (inline)

Right side (angle), Other end (inline)

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