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The Miniature Metric Bearings family of products is now obsolete.

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Thomson Miniature Metric Ball Bushing Bearings

Miniature Metric Ball Bushing® Bearings

Thomson Miniature Metric Ball Bushing® bearings offer smooth and rapid operation in a light, compact package - lasting up to 27 times longer than conventional linear bearings! Light weight design enables precision movements and short acceleration times. Double-lip integral wipers help secure lubrication while keeping dirt out, which increases life expectancy. Super finished bearing plates provide smooth operation and long life. Optional corrosion resistant version available for use in harsh environments. 

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Miniature Metric Ball Bushing Specifications:

Specifications MM03 MM05 MM08 MM12
LinearRace Shaft Sizes: mm 5  8  12
Bearing Types: Closed Closed Closed  Closed
Number of ball tracks: 4 4 5
Dynamic Load Rating: N (lbf)* 45 (10) 170 (38) 310 (70) 650 (146)
Load Limit: N (lbf)** 50 (11) 190 (43) 340 (76) 715 (161)

* For a rated travel life of 100 km.
** The load limit is the maximum load that may be applied to a bearing/shaft.
NOTE: It is important to analyze the application so that peak or/and shock loads do not exceed the load limit.

Miniature Metric Ball Bushing Highlights:

  • Low inertia design enables precision movements and short acceleration times
  • Double lip integral wipers keeps dirt out, lubrication sealed
  • Low friction coefficient eliminates stick-slip
    and ensure smooth operation
  • Super finished bearing plates provides smooth operation and long life
  • Travel speeds up to 3 m/s enables short cycle times and rapid adjustments
  • Optional corrosion resistant version for use in harsh environments.

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