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Electrak PPA-M Non-Driven Linear Actuators

Electrak® PPA-M Non-Driven Linear Actuators

Electrak® PPA-M actuators are designed for robust and versatile multi-purpose functionality.  With dual input shaft capability, these actuators are easily adaptable to customer-supplied motors and/or synchronous operation with multiple PPA-M units.   Able to withstand harsh environments, these highly efficient ball screw units can be operated manually and are essentially maintenance free.



Performance Specifications Electrak PPA-M
Max Stroke Length: mm (in) 915 mm (36 in)
Max Dynamic Load:  N (lbf) 6670 (1500)
Max Static Load:  N (lbf) 13350 (3000)
Max Full-Load Speed:  mm/s (in/s) 8.0 (.33)
Max Input Torque: Nm (lbf-in) 9.0 (80)
Max Input Speed: rpm 100
Screw Type Ball
Operating temperature:  ºC (ºF) -25 to +65 (-15 to +150)

Electrak PPA-M Features

  • Double input shaft for motor and/or intermediate shaft mount
  • Synchronous operation
  • Manual operation possible
  • Withstands very harsh environments
  • Holding brake
  • Trunnion to clevis mounting
  • Maintenance free

Electrak PPA-M Options

  • Protective bellows
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