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V-Thread Screws

V-Thread Screws

Thomson BSA's V-Thread screws offer the ability to achieve very high positioning resolutions.  Advancement per turn can be as small as .0125 inches which makes them good for applications such as microscope stages and places where fine adjustment is critical. Some sizes available in 1018 Steel.   Matching Supernuts® and Left Hand Screws on special request.  Lead Accuracy is .015 in/ft.


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V-Thread Screw Specifications:

Lead (in)
.0125 .0208  .0250 .0278 .0313 .0333 0.357 1
.0417 .0500 .0625 .0769  .0833
1/4 X X X X X X X X
3/8 X X X X X X
1/2 X X X X X

V-Thread Screw Highlights:

  • Burnished finish 303 stainless steel
  • Some sizes available in 1018 steel
  • Matching Supernuts and Left Hand Screws available on request
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