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AFT Advanced Anti-Backlash Supernuts

AFT Advanced Anti-Backlash Supernuts

Thomson BSA's cost effective AFT Advanced Anti-Backlash nut offers excellent performance up to 10 lbs.  Accompanies sizes of acme screw from 3/8 inch diameter though to 7/16 inch with metric versions also available. Ideal for OEM applications, this nut effectively removes backlash and maintains low drag torque and smooth movement.  The anti-backlash mechanism adjusts as normal wear occurs between screw and nut.  Integral tri-flange provides an easy attachment to application.


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AFT Advanced Specifications (Metric Units):

Lead (mm.)
2 3 5 6 10 20 35
10 X X X X X X X

AFT Advanced Specifications (Imperial Units):

                     Lead (in.)
0.063 0.083 0.100 0.125 0.167 0.200 0.250 0.375 0.500 1.000 1.200
3/8 X X X X X X X X X X X
7/16 X X X

AFT Advanced Highlights

  • Low cost
  • Ideal for OEM Applications
  • Offers smooth movement and low drag torque for axial loads up to 10 pounds
  • AFT anti-backlash collar automatically adjusts for wear for the life of the nut
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