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Precision Plus Ground Metric Ball Screws

Precision Plus Ground or Whirled Metric Ball Screws

Precision Plus Ground and Whirled Ball Screw Assemblies are the highest precision product available, with standard lead accuracies of ±6µm/300mm.  These ball screw assemblies feature a FL-Style ball nut, precisely preloaded to customer specifications.  This unique nut design provides high repeatability and high stiffness for the most demanding ball screw applications.  Each nut comes standard with an integral Delrin wiper to protect against chips and other debris.


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Precision Plus Ground Specifications (Metric Units):

Diameter (mm) Lead (mm)
5 10 15 20 25 30 40
16 X              
20 X X          
25 X X          
32 X X X        
40 X X X X      
50 X X   X      
63 X X X X X    
80   X   X X X  
100   X   X X X X
125   X   X X X X
160       X X X  

Precision Plus Ground Highlights:

  • Lead accuracies up to eight times those of conventional ball screws for an immediate improvement in machine accuracy 
  • Zero-lash, preloaded designs available with a high stiffness that provides positioning accuracy and repeatability for machine tools, robots, material handling systems, electronic component insertion systems, and more
  • A gothic arch ball groove geometry to extend service life, and optimize stiffness in preloaded assemblies
  • Maximum lead error - ±6µm/300mm (.0005"/ft)
  • Integral wipers and flanges contributing to system cleanliness and mounting ease
  • Optimum efficiency and cost savings when replacing expensive hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Predictable service life for the most reliable system designs
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