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Gli attuatori lineari di precisione sono progettati per fornire prestazioni elevate nelle applicazioni che richiedono un funzionamento continuo. Garantiscono livelli massimi di spinta e velocità rispetto agli altri attuatori elettrici e consentono di realizzare macchinari più compatti con il massimo rendimento. Spesso gli attuatori lineari di precisione vengono scelti come alternativa efficiente e pulita alle soluzioni idrauliche: utilizzano energia solo se richiesto e sono più silenziosi dei dispositivi pneumatici. Per adattarsi alle vostre applicazioni, Thomson offre le lunghezze di corsa più ampie del settore, un sistema RediMount™ semplice e affidabile per montare il vostro motore e opzioni di personalizzazione del prodotto.

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Custom Precision Linear Actuator Options

Precision Linear Actuator Customization

Optimize your design with a custom precision linear actuator solution.

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Often chosen as a clean and efficient alternative to fluid power solutions, precision linear actuators are designed to deliver high performance in applications requiring continuous duty operation. They provide the highest thrust and speed of any electric actuator and allow you to design more compact machinery with maximum throughput.

Why Thomson Precision Linear Actuators?

Thomson precision linear actuators offer the longest stroke lengths in the industry, a simple and reliable RediMount™ system to mount your own motor, and product customization options. These actuators draw energy only on demand and operate more quietly than pneumatics. All precision linear actuators are designed to require a minimum of maintenance. There are no parts that need to be replaced due to wear, and regular lubrication is needed only in applications where the actuator works hard and frequently.

Customization Options

Customization is one of our strengths, and we have built countless one-of-a-kind units. If you need a special stroke, a unique mounting bracket, or some other adaptation of the standard product, our engineers will help you find the perfect solution for your application.  

Where Can You Get Started?

Thomson provides extensive online resources to help you no matter where you may be in the purchase decision process: 


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Click here to optimize your design with a custom precision linear actuator solution.

Not finding the precision linear actuator you need? Contact us for a custom solution!


Motor Type

Drive Type

Dynamic Load

Maximum Linear Speed





Mounting Options

Adapter Options

Travel per Shaft Revolution

Number of Normally Closed Sensors

Number of Normally Open Sensors

Screw Diameter

Profile Size


Modelli CAD

  • Modelli stream articoli configurabili 2D/3D
  • Modelli componenti solidi configurabili 2D/3D
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Precision Linear Actuators 2D/3D Interactive Models
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