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How do I repair or replace an Electrak® actuator in my machine, RV or boat?

If you have determined that your Thomson Electrak linear actuator is not functioning properly and requires partial or complete replacement, we recommend following these simple steps to identify and replace your actuator:

Identify the product part number

Due to the number of voltage, load and speed options available, determining the actuator part number is required before proceeding.

If the actuator looks like the unit pictured above, it is a Performance Pak actuator (PPA). Identify this product’s part number by visiting this link

If the product looks like one of the actuators pictured above, you can find the part number on the actuator itself.  The following images show where the part numbers are typically located:

Some units have the part number stamped into the housing. For the units on which the part number is stamped, the first line is the part number, and the second line is the manufactured date code. In the above picture (left), the part number is D12-20A5-08, and the date code is 27810 or the 278th day of 2010.

Newer Electrak designs have the part number on the product sticker. Examples are pictured above.

Other models not shown are similarly marked with either a stamping or a sticker. Once the part number is known, it can be searched at link.

If the part number cannot be found

If the part number cannot be found on the actuator or is not listed on the Thomson website, the next step is to contact the manufacturer of the equipment into which the actuator is installed for a replacement. The manufacturer will know the part number of the actuator they installed and may even offer and stock replacements. Please note that actuators are often customized for an application and are available only to equipment manufacturers in large quantities, or they are proprietary to that specific equipment manufacturer and not available for sale to other customers.

If the manufacturer of your machine is no longer in business and more information is not available, you may attempt to match the actuator you are trying to repair with Thomson’s standard product line. However, if the actuator is a customized unit, there may not be an offering that will fit your application as a "drop in" replacement and modification to the machine may be required.

Matching an actuator without a part number

To begin matching an unknown or discontinued product to an available actuator, the attributes of the actuator needed are the voltage, load rating, stroke, speed and any optional features required. Once those attributes are known, selection can be assisted by utilizing the actuator product selector at link. The selector will help narrow down your actuator model choices, and then you must consider the other attributes needed for your actuator (i.e. retracted length, mounting style, etc.)

If voltage, load rating, stroke and speed are not known, Thomson is unable to provide a recommendation for a replacement actuator. Please consult with the manufacturer of the equipment where the actuator was installed for further guidance.

Note: Electrak installation manuals are located (Select literature tab then scroll down to Manuals):
For current product: link
Superseded or legacy part numbers: link
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