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Why are Designers Rediscovering Ball Splines for Multi-Axis Motion? | 28 min

Not long ago passed over in favor of pre-packaged solutions that were quicker to integrate, ball splines have re-emerged as go-to components thanks to their meeting requirements of today's multi-axis automation applications. Integrating linear and rotary motion on a single shaft, precision ball splines provide superior flexibility to designers and deliver advantages for motion performance and stability.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How ball splines work.
  • Integration advantages, including less space required, and enhanced stability and performance.
  • Spline nut and shaft specifications, and customization options.
  • How spines stack up against linear bearings and guides.
  • How to select the right ball spline for your design.

Presenter: Pablo Olachea, Product Line Specialist - Linear Bearings & Guides, Thomson

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