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Smart Advancements in Industrial Linear Actuation (EU) | Duration: 44 min

This presentation shows how the technology behind industrial linear actuation has been adapting to Industry 4.0, thereby introducing the “smart factory” and reshaping how machine designers approach their work.

Watch this 45-minute webinar recording from November 21, 2017, and you will:

  • Learn how Industry 4.0 is affecting industrial linear actuation design, their capabilities and the devices in which they're being used.
  • Discover strategies for implementing smart actuation into your next design.
  • Understand other trends in industrial linear actuation, including enhanced controllability, condition monitoring, bus communication, integrated low-level power switching, synchronization, enhanced qualification requirements and increased environmental condition requirements.

Presenter(s): Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist Linear Actuators at Thomson in Sweden

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