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Rethinking Machine Design - Converting From Hydraulic to Electromechanical Actuation (EU) | Duration: 40 min

No matter your market or application, you've most likely experienced some drawbacks of hydraulic actuators. Rest assured that a simple, affordable and long-term solution exists. Electromechanical linear actuators provide a smaller footprint, simpler installation, better control and static load handling, higher accuracy, and less maintenance, mess, noise, and overall system cost.

In this webinar, the second in a series of six focusing on smart actuators, these benefits will be explored as well as applications best suited for hydraulic-to-electromechanical conversion.

Listen to this 30-minute webinar and you will:


  • Learn what electromechanical actuators can do for your machines and your customers' applications.
  • Discover where opportunities lie for electromechanical actuators to outperform hydraulic & other actuator types.
  • Be able to determine which design projects are most ideal for actuator conversion.

Presenter(s): Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist Linear Actuators at Thomson in Sweden

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