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Linear Bearings & Guides 101: Basics for Design Engineers (EU) | Duration: 1 hr, 6 min

For determining the right technology and product for a specific application, design engineers need to carefully consider and know about the benefits and capabilities that each technology offers. Get an overview of the typical technologies’ features with all their advantages and disadvantages. Thomson also helps you understand the parameters for quick and time-saving sizing and selection of the right product.

In this webinar you will learn engineering basics to enable you to design smarter and more efficient machines with linear bearings and guides:

  • Linear Bearings & Guides Basics
    - Products Overview
    - Why and where would you use them
  • Features & Benefits of Round Rails vs Profile Rails
  • Application Examples
  • Q & A

Presenter(s): Coskun Mutlu, Product Line Specialist LB&G at Thomson Neff GmbH in Germany

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