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The Best of Electric and Hydraulic Systems Combined In A Single Actuator (EU) | 39 min

Wouldn't it be great if you could equip machines with an actuator that provides the performance of hydraulics without the space requirements and expense of a full-size hydraulic system? Now you can with Thomson’s recently released Warner Linear H-Track electro-hydraulic linear actuator, which features self-contained hydraulic actuation. That means no leaking hoses to worry about and contamination- and maintenance-free performance for the life of the actuator.

In this webinar, we will explore the new H-Track actuator – its design, specifications, features, benefits and applications.  


Check out this 30-minute webinar, and you will:

• Learn how the H-Track can fit the requirements of previously troublesome applications.

• Gain insights on the technical specifications of this heavy duty linear motion solution and on suitable applications.

• See how the H-Track’s patented design is able to achieve self-contained fluid power.


Presenter(s): Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist Linear Actuators at Thomson in Sweden

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