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How to Deliver Speed, Power & Durability to Your Machine Designs with Precision (EU) | 37 min

Do your linear motion designs require more speed? Increased load capacity? Or both with a high or continuous duty cycle? If you haven't already been specifying precision linear actuators (PLAs), it is time you learned more about the many advantages they can deliver to your machine designs. These electric-driven solutions combine durability, performance and ease of use for a wide range of applications. This webinar explores the many features and benefits of these actuators, and look at why designers are finding it easier than ever to make the move to electric from other technologies such as pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Watch this 30-minute presentation, and you'll learn:

  • The key features and benefits of PLAs that make an impact on your linear motion designs.
  • Why PLAs are easy to integrate with modern programmable controls.
  • How PLAs achieve lower maintenance and energy costs, and a cleaner, healthier and safer working environment compared to other actuator technologies.
  • The ideal applications for PLAs.

Presenter: Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist - Linear Actuators, Thomson

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