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Compact, Smart & Tough: How the New Generation of Electric Actuators is Changing the Design Game | 35 min

With advanced control capabilities, environmental resistance and strength that rivals linear components many times their size, select electric actuators are destined to be your go-to solution for many of your demanding applications.

Presenter: Travis Gilmer, Product Specialist - Linear Actuators

This webinar addresses three linear motion design challenges that our new generation of smart actuators can help overcome: space constraints, lack of controllability and durability. 

A Need for Small Linear Actuators:

  • Machine designs are getting more compact, requiring smaller linear actuators.
  • Power density is important to accommodate large loads despite space constraints.
  • Components must fit design requirements without compromising the automation functions and benefits of larger specified parts.
  • Traditional industry solutions are complicated/too large.

Application Examples

  • Ladder adjust, auger fold, and grain bin flaps on a combine.
    • Use of small linear actuators to automate the machine and help reduce overall size.
  • Cab adjustments on forklifts, packaging machines and conveyors.
    • The smaller the linear actuator, the more valuable it is for fitting into machines in which there are numerious components that must be accounted for.


Control Network Integration

  • Traditional systems require control for every axis of movement.
  • External control systems are expensive or complicated to manage.
  • Some older technologies simply cannot be electronically controlled.

Application Examples

  • J1939/CAN bus/CANopen® control, position feedback and low-level switching.
    • Small linear actuator's onboard electronics allow for integrated controls, reducing the space taken up by external controls.

Long-Lasting Performance

  • Most industrial appliations need to withstand harsh environments or conditions.
  • Maintenance concerns are commonly associated with traditional hydraulic or manual systems.
  • Industrial automation applications need reliable performance throughout their entire lifecycle. 

small linear actuator

Thomson Small Linear Actuators

  • Power Density
    • Class-leading load handling in a small package.
  • Controllability
    • Integrated PCB assemblies with various feedback options.
  • Longer Life
    • Industry performance and design capability tested with proven results in the field.



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