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Considerations and Calculations for Choosing the Right Ball Screw for Your Application (EU) | 45 min

From all the thousands of possible choices, how can you quickly and confidently size and select the optimal ball screw solution for your linear motion application?

Check out this 45-minute webinar recording:

Introduction to Ball Screws

  • Basic Definitions
  • Application Examples
  • Calculations & Solutions

Design Application – Standard

  • What is standard?
  • Using standard engineering equations
  • Selecting the right product

Design Application – Custom Derivative

  • What is custom?
  • Customizing a ball screw
  • Selecting the right product     

Learn more about the considerations and calculations that are essential for choosing the just-right ball screw. Gain confidence when sizing and selecting a ball screw to match your application requirements.


  • Markus Brändle, Product Line Specialist – Screws and LB&G, Thomson Neff Industries, Germany
  • Wolfgang Becker, General Manager, Thomson Neff Industries, Germany
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