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Custom RoundRail Shafting

RoundRail Shafting customization options

When your linear motion projects require shafting that doesn’t fit within our standard offering, Thomson skilled machinists can perform a wide variety of special machining operations on the ends or along the length of the 60 Case® shaft to provide the exact part needed for your application.

We welcome and encourage requests for specialized products, regardless of quantity or frequency of order. Our custom products range from one-time-only units to high-quantity requirements. If cost or design constraints dictate a more integrated package, let our application engineering staff help you simplify your design.

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Available Customization Options

Drilling and/or Tapping

  • Threaded shaft diameter
  • Radial holes drilled and tapped to center of shaft
  • Radial holes drilled and tapped through shaft
  • Radial holes drilled through shaft
  • Radial holes drilled and reamed through shafts
  • Radial holes drilled through shaft and counterbored for cap
  • Radial hole location tolerance
  • Coaxial holes drilled and/or tapped in center of shaft end
  • Drilled spot for set screws

Special Tolerances

  • Special length tolerances
  • Special straightness tolerances
  • Special chamfer (1/32” x 45° for diameters less than 1” and 1/16” x 45° for diameters 1” and larger)
  • Special ground diameters


  • Flats
  • One flat on a shaft
  • Multiple flats on a shaft
  • Keyways (square, flat or American Standard Woodruff)


  • Reduced shaft diameter
  • Machined shaft ends
  • Retaining ring groove

Extended Lengths

  • Joining shafts to obtain longer lengths (for 0.75-4-in shafts for lengths up to 20 ft)
  • Butted joints (ends machined square, no chamfer)

Special Coatings / Finishes

  • Chrome plated
  • Black oxide
  • Armoloy®

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