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400 Series Profile Rail Linear Guides

400 Series Profile Rail Linear Guides

The 400 Series Profile Rail Linear Guide is the newest addition to the Thomson Linear Guide product line. The 400 Series is a cost effective, transport grade Profile Rail solution for cost-sensitive applications and is designed as a drop-in replacement with industry-standard envelope and hole patterns. Caged and non-caged carriages utilize the same rail design, enabling efficient use of inventory since only one rail type needs to be stocked for either carriage type.


400 Series Ball Specifications:

400 Series Ball/Caged Ball Assortment
Width Standard Narrow
Length Long Long Long Short Compact
Height High High
Designator A B D E F G K
15 X X X X X X
20 X X X   X X X
25 X X X X X  X  X X
30 X X X X X X X
35 X X X  X  X X X
45 X X X X X X
55 X X X X X X

400 Series Ball Highlights:

  • Polymer ball-return tube reduces noise and vibration while retaining lubrication
  • Standard double lip end and longitudinal seals retain lubrication while protecting the bearing from contamination
  • Lubrication channels that direct lubricant to individual ball tracks,  maximizing lubricating effectiveness
  • Double-faced ball tracks utilize a 45° face-to-face bearing arrangement, resulting in equal load-carrying capacity in all directions
  • 413 ball cage option provides increased travel smoothness, lower noise at high speeds, and individual lubricant reservoirs
  • Optional corrosion-resistant, hard chrome plating
  • Additional rubber wiper and metal scraper accessories
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