Super Ball Bushing Bearing

SUPER, Ball Bushing Bearing, 0.500 in, Self-Aligning, Closed Type, Non-Adjustable, Not Corrosion Resistant

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  • The Super Ball Bushing bearing is self-aligning, lightweight and adjustable with a low coefficient of friction.
  • The wear-resistant, engineered-polymer retainers and outer sleeves reduce inertia and noise in critical, high speed applications.
  • Radially floating bearing plates. When installed in an adjustable housing, the Super Ball Bushing Bearing may be adjusted to a specific diametrical fit-up for accurate and repeatable movement.


Dimension Value
C 31.75 mm (1.250 in)
d 12.70 mm (0.500 in)
D 22.23 mm (0.875 in)


Specification Value
Adjustable/Not Adjustable Adjustable
Closed/Open Closed
Number of Ball Circuits 4
Roll Pack No Roll Pack
Food Grade Rated Not Food Grade
Self Alignment Self-aligning
Single/Twin Single
Temperature Max 85 °C / 185 °F
Use with shafting class L
Wipers, Seals
Weight 0.018 kg / 0.04 lbs
Nominal Diameter 12.700 mm / 0.5 in
Outer Diameter 22.225 mm / 0.875 in
Length 31.750 mm / 1.25 in


Performance Value
Load Capacity, Dynamic 1,134.297 N / 255 lbf

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