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What's The Easiest Way To Size & Select Your Electric Linear Actuators? (EU)  | Duration: 24 min

When researching electric linear actuators for your machine designs, choosing models of the wrong size, load capacity or other key capabilities can lead to costly downtimes, frustrated customers and a poor perception of your business. Reviewing spec sheets or product webpages gets you only so close to the right match, and sometimes, you prefer to go your own route vs. consult with a manufacturer's application engineers.

In this webinar, the sixth and final in a series focusing on smart actuators, we will explore a newly developed, self-guided online tool that incorporates the expertise of engineers to allow designers to quickly and easily size and select the proper actuators for their machines:

  • Learn how to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to size and select electric linear actuators.
  • Use application-specific questions to size an exact match for your designs.
  • Avoid the costly, time-consuming pitfalls of application mismatches.
  • Build on your customers' confidence in your company's design capabilities.

Presenter(s): Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist Linear Actuators at Thomson in Sweden

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