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How to Simplify the Ball Screw Sizing & Selection Process (EU) | 28 min

The process of sizing and selecting ball screws can be a long and tedious one in which there's a significant risk of having to start from scratch due to misapplication. Luckily, there's online tools at your disposal that go to great lengths to provide reassurance that you're choosing the optimal solution for your design or application.

This webinar will explore the many features and benefits of a newly released online sizing and selection tool.

Watch this 30-minute presentation, and you'll learn:

  • How to reduce your ball screw procurement time from hours or days to mere minutes.
  • How to stop wasting valuable time and money, and avoiding risks to your design project traditionally attributed to manual sizing and selecting of ball screws.
  • How to use an intuitive, feature-rich online tool to:
    • Quickly filter on ball screw attributes to reach your ideal solution.
    • Take advantage of precise modeling of motion, load and external axial force profiles.
    • Access 3D models for your CAD programs, and view up-front pricing and lead times.

Presenter: Markus Brändle, Product Line Specialist – Screws, LB&G, Screw Jacks, Thomson

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