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Keep it Simple - A Hydraulic-to-Electric Conversion Overview (EU | 48 min

The decades-old keep-it-simple principle still rings true today – simplicity leads to better understanding and easier use of your application. This is especially true when it comes to electric linear actuators, which offer your linear motion designs a host of benefits when compared to hydraulic cylinders. These advantages include a smaller footprint, easier installation, better control and static load handling, higher accuracy, less maintenance, lower overall cost, and a cleaner, safer environment.

Watch this 48-minute presentation, and you'll learn:

  • The key pitfalls of using a complex hydraulic system.
  • How electric actuators can help you avoid the dangers associated with hydraulics.
  • Traditional hydraulic-powered applications prime for conversion to electric.
  • Electric actuator technologies on the horizon for your designs.

Presenter: Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist EMEA – Linear Actuators, Thomson in Sweden

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