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Linear Motion Product Selection. Optimized.

Thomson's growing suite of Linear MOTIONEERING® tools are designed to make choosing the right product for your application simple. Enter basic paramaters for your application and watch as Linear Motioneering sizing tools do all the work.

Each Thomson tool calculates application numbers through a comprehensive set of algorithms and compares your results to our product database to determine an optimized solution set. Selection is also made easy if you know the product family and model and desire to download 2D/3D interactive drawings.

Linear MOTIONEERING®: PC Series Precision Actuators

Find the best fit for your application with these strong, fast and long-reaching electric linear actuators.

Linear MOTIONEERING®: 60 Case LinearRace® Shafting

Unlike common linear shafting, Thomson 60 Case LinearRace shafting is manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Linear MOTIONEERING®: Linear Guide Components

Configure linear bearing and guide products to fit your unique application needs.

Linear MOTIONEERING®: Ball & Lead Screws

Both Thomson ball screws and lead screws come in a full range of diameters, leads and ball nut configurations, in either preloaded or non-preloaded types.

Linear MOTIONEERING®: Linear Motion Systems

Enter application parameters in five simple steps for just about any slide orientation. Once a product solution is selected, choose from a wide assortment of accessories, motors, a...

Micron MOTIONEERING®: True Planetary® Gearheads

Planetary gearheads are used on high precision motion control applications which require a high torque to volume ratio, high torsional stiffness, and low backlash.

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