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Live From The Factory Floor: Save Money With Expert Ball Screw Refurbishment (EU) | 34 min

When a machine goes down due to a faulty ball screw, prompt action is required in order to keep your business running. The acquisition of a replacement ball screw can be a hassle, time-consuming, and accompanied by high investment costs that most likely were not foreseen or planned.

There may be a better solution.

Did you know that worn or damaged ball screws can often be repaired with the right expert knowledge?

Learn more about this service by joining our webinar, which will be broadcasted LIVE from the service department of our ball screw manufacturing facility – a unique experience that you will not want to miss!


•           Examples of ball screw failures

•           Key benefits of ball screw repairs, including cost savings

•           Scope of service, capabilities and expertise

•           Process flow for repairs

•           How to change the nut direction

Gain insights from Thomson ball screw repair experts to assure long life and smooth running ball screw assembly systems for less machine downtime.


Markus Brändle, Product Line Specialist – Thomson Screws, Screw Jacks and Linear Bearings & Guides

Ismayil Zeren, Thomson Service Department Manager

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