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How to Choose the Right Screw Jack for Your High-Load Applications | 40 min

With the capability of handling loads up to 100 tons, screw jacks have made a name for themselves when it comes to designing for high-load, linear motion applications. However, determining whether a machine screw jack or ball screw jack is the right fit can be difficult. Each delivers key benefits depending on the application parameters.

This webinar will examine key design considerations as they apply to both screw jack types to help you better and more quickly determine which is more ideal for your application.

• The key features and benefits of machine and ball screw jacks.

• The major differences between these two types of screw jacks.

• The application parameters designers need to consider when choosing between machine and ball screw jacks.

• How to choose the right screw jack for your linear motion designs.

Presenter: Mitch Katona, Product Line Specialist, Thomson Industries, Inc.

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