Linear Bearing, Ball Bushing only, Precision Steel, Chiuso, Non autoallineante, Sfere in acciaio inossidabile, gabbia e manicotto in ossido nero (SP), Guarnizioni integrali su entrambe le estremità, A Grade

Lead Time:  2500 Days
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  • Precision Steel Ball Bushing bearings offer great improvements in efficiency, productivity, and accuracy over high-friction plain bearings flat-ways.
  • The all-steel design makes the bearing product line perfect for replacing plain bearings in high temperature applications.
  • The steel sleeve anti-friction recirculating ball bushing provides rigid low drag movement – ~100x lower drag coefficient than a plain contact bearing.
  • A coefficient of friction as low as .001. When replacing high friction plain bearings, Precision Steel Ball Bushing Bearings dramatically improve machine productivity and efficiency.
  • For use with S class Shafting.


Unità di misuraValore
[D] Housing Bore recommended for Press Fit housing1.2490 / 1.2495 in 
[D] Recommended Housing Bore1.2500 / 1.2505 in 
[D], Nominal1.25 in


Adjustable/Not AdjustableNon regolabile 
Corrosion Resistant OptionSfere in acciaio inossidabile, gabbia e manicotto in ossido nero (SP) 
GradeA Grade 
Numero di circuiti a sfere
Numero UPC662486000679 
Self AlignmentNon autoallineante 
Temperature Max500 °F
Use with shafting ClassClasse S 
Weight0.21 lb
Wipers, SealsGuarnizioni integrali su entrambe le estremità 


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performance graphic
performance graphic

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