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14/10/2013 | Maximize Machine Performance with Innovative Glide Screw™ Technology from Thomson

WOLFSCHLUGEN, GERMANY – Thomson introduces Glide Screw™ - a new mechanical linear motion solution that combines the features of a linear bearing and a lead screw into a single, compact package. The Glide Screw’s integrated and pre-aligned lead screw and linear bearing design smoothly and quietly actuates a moment load or side load without additional support. The Glide Screw’s simplified design speeds installation and simplifies bills of material, while an integrated lubrication block virtually eliminates maintenance requirements. Numerous standard inch and metric sizes and configurations are stocked for immediate availability; custom diameters, configurations and thread leads are available with short lead times to satisfy unique application needs. Visitors to will find video, 3D animation, technical documentation and ready access to Thomson application engineers who will assist design engineers in configuring the right Glide Screw solution.

Every engineer’s objective is to eliminate parts, streamline designs, simplify installation and minimize maintenance requirements, with the ultimate goal of producing a superior performing machine with a distinct competitive advantage,” says Ben Gambrel, Direct of Marketing, Linear Components Group. “By combining the best attributes of linear bearing and lead screw technologies into the Glide Screw product, we’ve created a completely new technology category that helps machine designers and builders do exactly that. Glide Screws eliminate the need for reference surfaces, the pain of ‘floating’ a system into alignment and even lubrication – this is truly a plug-and-play, install-it-and-forget it solution.

Since the Glide Screw serves as both the drive system and linear guide, these features are perfectly aligned and cannot bind. As a result, installation is simplified and the mating components require no high tolerance geometric features. The unique Glide Screw design enables it to handle axial, radial and moment loads without any additional guidance. The result is an efficient and space-saving design that is quick and easy to install with significantly reduced maintenance needs compared to traditional solutions.

The Glide Screw’s design and performance attributes, combined with robust bearing grade plastic and stainless steel construction, make it ideally suited to for use in fluid pump, 3D printing or engraving, laboratory automation and diagnostics, medical imaging, pick-and-place and myriad other applications where smooth, reliable linear motion is required. Optional configurations are available to promote long life and reliable operation in temperatures up to 175°C, clean room operation up to class 1000 and under the stringent demands of food processing and packaging equipment.

Thomson will be introducing this innovative product in a webinar showing how to easily streamline the design of a linear motion axis, reducing component count, envelope size and assembly time using the new Glide Screw™ technology. The Webinar in English will be held at 3pm CEST October 23rd. More details of the webinar and how to dial in can be found at:

Interesting facts about Thomson

With over 60 years of expertise in the field of drive technology, Thomson is the unrivalled industry leader in the manufacturing of Ball Bushing® and profile rail bearings, 60 Case® shafts, precision ground and rolled ball screws, linear actuators, gearheads, clutches, brakes, linear systems and suitable accessories. Thomson launched the linear ball bushing bearing onto the market back in 1945 and since then has been setting new benchmarks in the development of drive control solutions for companies from a wide range of industrial sectors such as the aviation and arms industry. Thomson Industries Inc. has production sites in North America, Europe and Asia in addition to a global network of over 2,000 dealers.

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