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22/05/2013 | Thomson raises the bar with long stroke and high side load lifting columns

22.05.2013, KRISTIANSTAD, SWEDEN  Thomson has extended its TC16 range of lifting columns with increased stroke length configurations and a greater off-centre load handling capability.

By extending the available stroke length from 400mm to 600mm and maintaining the TC16’s low retracted height design, Thomson has made it possible for machine designers to obtain their required stroke length from a smaller lift column package to design more compact machines.

Lifting column applications such as wheelchair height adjustment do not have a pre-determined load and must operate safely with significant off-centre loads.  This has been addressed by increasing the moment load capacity from 150Nm to 400Nm.

Håkan Persson, Product Line Manager Thomson Actuators explained: “Our improved lifting column offers a large range of motion for raising and lowering off-centre loads, which is very important for medical treatment chairs and industrial applications such as loading or unloading stations on production lines.  The TC16 also has the highest speed-to-load ratio available, enabling OEMs to build equipment that reduces consultation times for medical practitioners, or setup times in factories.”

The TC16 is a self-supporting lifting column based upon a combination of double-telescoping lead screws with belt driven gearing for high load torque capacity and ensuring a very short retracted length.  Designed for quiet operation with an extruded anodized aluminum finish, its aesthetic maintenance-free design provides unobtrusive positioning for medical applications such as reclining beds, dental chairs and medical scanning equipment and domestic or office environments.

The new extended TC16 range is available now from Thomson’s global network of over 2,000 dealers.

Interesting facts about Thomson

With over 60 years of expertise in the field of drive technology, Thomson is the unrivalled industry leader in the manufacturing of Ball Bushing® and profile rail bearings, 60 Case® shafts, precision ground and rolled ball screws, linear actuators, gearheads, clutches, brakes, linear systems and suitable accessories. Thomson launched the linear ball bushing bearing onto the market back in 1945 and since then has been setting new benchmarks in the development of drive control solutions for companies from a wide range of industrial sectors such as the aviation and arms industry. Thomson Industries Inc. has production sites in North America, Europe and Asia in addition to a global network of over 2,000 dealers.

Thomson, 1500 Mittel Boulevard, Wood Dale, IL 60191-1073; 1-540-633-3549; 1-540-633-0294 (fax);;

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