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20/12/2004 | Wash Down Linear Actuator for Food and Chemical Industry

WOOD DALE, IL - Linear drive units are used in more and more demanding environments, but customers still demand the normal lifetime and performance from the products. To meet this demand Danaher Motion have introduced two new linear actuators to their Movopart range, part of the Thomson Tollo brand, with enhanced corrosion protection making them ideal for wash down application.

The new Movopart S1 and S2 additions use stainless steel of grade BS 3506 A2 or higher to meet the wash down requirements of the dairy and food industries. Danaher Motion have used stainless steel for all moving parts, except in the case of bearings where they took advantage of their experience in bearing production to specify radially sealed, high performance bearings. Radially sealed offer improved performance to stainless steel bearings, whilst maintaining corrosion protection.

The Movopart S1 is screw driven, and available in prism guide and ball guide models. Typical applications include dairy plants and other light wash down applications. The Movopart S2 is intended for use in the toughest chemical environments, with both acid and basic liquids present. This is facilitated by the use of the more corrosion resistant A4 stainless steel for all outer fastenings. The S2 is belt driven, and uses a prism guide. Both the S1 and S2 are available in standard M55, M75 and M100 sizes.

Linear Motion Systems, as part of Danaher Motion, provides standard and custom linear bearings, linear guides, ball and lead screws, gearheads, linear actuators, slides and systems, precision balls, moulded products, resolvers and feedback devices, brakes and clutches, AC and DC drives and stepper and servo motors. Its products are applied worldwide throughout a variety of motion applications in the medical, industrial, aerospace, and mobile off-highway markets. Its highly recognized brand names include: Thomson™, Thomson Tollo™, Micron™, and Deltran PT™.

About Danaher Motion
Danaher Motion is a leading global manufacturer of motion control products that improve the efficiency and productivity of complex manufacturing operations.  Danaher Motion’s product innovations have been revolutionizing the motion control industry for over 60 years through trusted brand names including Dover, Kollmorgen, MEI, Pacific Scientific, Portescap, and Thomson.  Danaher Motion is a strategic business platform of the Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), a manufacturer of process and environmental controls, tools and industrial components.

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