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12/21/2003 | Danaher Motion TMT Motor Trolley Moves up a Gear

WOOD DALE, IL - Industry often focuses on complete automation solutions in order to drive down costs but “semi” automatic applications can also generate increased productivity. As a result the number of semi-automatic applications is increasing.

In a semi-automation system some operations are made automatically, while others are manually operated. This kind of operation is particularly common in lifting and handling systems where heavy components need to be transported or maneuvered over short distances or within a restricted area. An example would be the automatic transfer of a dashboard to the operator who then has to fit and install the dashboard manually.

It is in this type of application that the motor trolley with pneumatic drive wheel release (fig1) is the ideal compromise between automatic operation, when the drive wheel is in the driving position, and manual operation, when the drive wheel is released. In automatic mode the operation of the pneumatic cylinder, which actuates the drive wheel, is normally initiated from a control system or simply by a limit switch. In systems where there is no need to release the drive wheel the Danaher Motion TMT trolley still can be provided with the same spring loaded function as used in the prior motor trolley model.

The wheel drive of the new TMT motor trolley, which is an addition to the handling and automation product range from Danaher Motion, has an increased diameter to give longer life. It also has guiding wheels that enable the trolley to run in curves as well as through switches and turn tables. A new adjustable counter weight allows the use of any motor/gear combination while retaining the balance of the trolley. Standard versions of the motor trolley are supplied with a SEW - motor that can be supplied in a one or two speed options, with a brake (a manual release is available as an option) and a power pick up where required. The trolley can be ordered without a motor, with a standard gear or without the gear.

About Danaher Motion
Danaher Motion is a leading global manufacturer of motion control products that improve the efficiency and productivity of complex manufacturing operations. Danaher Motion’s product innovations have been revolutionizing the motion control industry for over 60 years through trusted brand names including Dover, Kollmorgen, MEI, Pacific Scientific, Portescap, and Thomson. Danaher Motion is a strategic business platform of the Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), a manufacturer of process and environmental controls, tools and industrial components.

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