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The Latest Smart Actuator Advancements (EU) | 40 min

As the demand for sophisticated, easily controlled industrial machinery and devices continues to grow, the technology integrated into individual components must match their innovation in order to remain viable. This especially rings true with electric linear actuators, which are integral to countless heavy duty applications across industries.       

This webinar will cover the latest advancements you can find available with today's smart linear actuators, including position feedback, condition monitoring, CANopen industrial networking protocol, brushless motor technology, expanded input voltage options and many more.

Watch this 30-minute event, and you'll learn:

  • What's new in the world of smart linear actuators.
  • How to use the latest actuator advancements to improve the controllability, communications, automation, safety and overall performance of your industrial applications.
  • How to determine which smart linear actuators are ideal for your machine designs.

Do you want your linear motion design projects to remain on the cutting edge? Stay up to date with the latest advancements offered with today's smart linear actuators.

Presenter:  Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist – Linear Actuators, Thomson

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