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High-load Ball Screws: How to Maximize Load Capacity, Lifecycle and Compactness of Your Linear Motion Designs (EU) | 30 min

If you need to actuate a 500 kN axial load along a 1,500 mm stroke, do you use a roller screw or a ball screw? If you instinctively said roller screw, you may not be familiar with high-load ball screws as an economical and simplified alternative.

Check out this 30-minute webinar, and you'll learn all about high-load ball screws:

  • Introduction & Basic Definitions
  • Application Examples
  • Features & Benefits
  • Comparison to Other Screw Technologies
  • Hydraulic Replacement
  • Standard and Custom Offering
  • Q&A

Any new application requires careful analysis of product performance, life and cost. Especially those that take on larger loads. Learn why you should be considering a high-load ball screw over standard ball screws for your next high-load, compact application.

Presenter: Markus Brändle, Product Line Specialist – Screws, Screw Jacks and LB&G, Thomson Neff Industries, Germany

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