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In the past, pneumatic, hydraulic and manual systems were the default choice for many motion applications. However, Thomson electric actuators are increasingly finding their way into a wide range of applications as a cleaner and more efficient alternative. When something needs to be raised, lowered, pushed, pulled, rotated, positioned, lifted, shifted or moved, 24v and 12v linear actuators are easy to install, boost performance and require zero maintenance.

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Electric actuators save you time and money while improving performance

With their bar-setting durability, high efficiency and long, maintenance-free life cycles, Thomson electric actuators deliver value that some may not expect from such an advanced component. As design engineers realize their benefits, more and more are turning to Thomson 12v linear actuators and 24v linear actuators to meet the demands of their applications.

Integrated controls. High load capacity. Compactness. Light weight. Quiet operation. Environmental ruggedness. Reliability. Energy efficiency. Thomson electric actuators deliver all of these and more to your linear motion projects.

A closer look at what sets electric actuators apart

  • Onboard electronics. This integration enables enhanced control functions that were previously external, such as switching, position feedback and system diagnostics, directly into the actuator. Microprocessor-based, printed circuit boards with complementary software allows communication between remote networks.
  • Enhanced control and feedback options. With optional built-in J1939 CAN bus support, these electric actuators offer the best onboard controls available. Current monitoring, end-of-stroke limit switches and dynamic braking, synchronization, and low-level switching are just a few control features that eliminate the need for external controls, improve operator safety, and save design and installation time, as well as space and installed cost.
  • Improved machine functionality and performance. Higher load ranges and longer stroke lengths open new opportunities for hydraulic-to-electric conversion applications. They also enable electric actuators to tackle heavy duty applications outside the range of traditional linear actuators.
  • Fewer components and less cabling. Compared to hydraulic cylinders, which require an intricate external system of hoses, connectors, filters, switches, valves and pumps, electric linear actuators embed all operating functionality in the actuator housing itself, which connects an electronic control unit with only a few wires.
  • Minimized complexity and easier installation. With only a few wires needed to function, 24v and 12v linear actuators are inherently simpler to incorporate into existing or new machine designs. Without leaky, hazardous fluids, these actuators require less maintenance as well.
  • Unrivaled environmental protection. Thomson electric linear actuators are tested to meet and exceed the toughest OEM mechanical and electronic component acceptance tests on the market today. Rated for the highest ingress protection and salt spray tested for 500 hours, these actuators can withstand the harshest conditions.
  • Reduced costs. Increased efficiency and productivity, less components, reduced hardware and software, minimal maintenance over the product lifecycle, and a handful of additional benefits lead to significant cost savings when specifying electric actuators.


Find your ideal electric actuator solution in only a matter of minutes

We know you don’t have hours to spend researching and navigating part numbers to find the right electric linear actuator for your design project. Thomson’s enhanced online product finder tool for linear actuators simplifies the search and selection process, helping you quickly identify the right part, access CAD-ready 3D models, pricing and lead times, and immediately purchase your final selections – all in one place.

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Product Details

The full line of Thomson electric actuators can easily equip your applications with a variety of capabilities and smart features:

  • Stroke lengths from 1 to 40 inches (25 to 1000 mm)
  • Dynamic load ratings from 25 to 3596 lbs. (100 N to 16 kN)
  • Speeds from 0.2 to 2.0 in/sec (5 to 50 mm/sec)
  • Voltage choices
    • 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 36 VDC, 90 VDC
    • 115 VAC, 230 VAC, 400 VAC
  • Duty cycle minimum of 25%
  • IP ratings of: IP65, IP66, IP67, IP69K
  • Available with overload clutches, electronic load sensing, limit switches, analog an digital feedback, J1939 CAN bus, LIN bus.
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For more than 50 years, Thomson electric linear actuators have set the industry standard.

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Design and Theory

Thomson linear actuators are easy to mount and operate, require no maintenance, don’t leak hydraulic fluid, are easy to incorporate into an automated process and, once installed, will work reliably under the toughest conditions.

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Application Examples

The synchronization option available on Thomson smart linear actuators opens up new application opportunities.

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Linear Actuator Configurator

What’s the easiest way to size and select your Thomson electric linear actuator? Linear Motioneering for Linear Actuators! 

Let us help you select the optimal solution that best fits for your application requirements by a step by step sizing and selection process. 


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