Types TSR, 12mm, Wide, Light Preload, Preload, Lip Seal Standard,

Lead Time:  12 weeks
$258.62 each Costs associated with shipping, packaging, and import taxes/duty not included.

Cut to Length:

Min: 89.0 mm  Max: 1020.0 mm  Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm

  • Industry standard drop-in replacement
  • 440 stainless steel construction (corrosion resistance, little or no lubrication)
  • High precision accuracy (up to ±0 .010mm)
  • Extremely smooth, quiet operation
  • Low Profile
  • High Moment Load Capacity for single rail / carriage applications
  • Whisper quiet movement
  • Gothic arch ball groove geometry provides enables single rail application
  • One-piece length up to 1 meter (in sizes 7mm - 15mm)
  • Contact Thomson for custom lengths and configurations


Dimension Value
[D2] 8.0 mm
[D3] 4.5 mm
[h] 4.5 mm
[H] 14.0 mm (±0.04)
[H1] 4.0 mm
[H4] 8.5 mm
[L1] 44.5 mm
[L2] 30.5 mm
[L3] 15.0 mm
[N] 8.0 mm
[SX] M3x3.5
[W] 24.0 mm
[W1] 40.0 mm
[W2] 28.0 mm
[X] 40.0 mm
[Y] 15.0 mm


Specification Value
Ball/Roller Ball
Carriage/Rail/Assembly Assembly
Carriage WZ - Wide
Size 12
Rail Length 310.0 mm (12.20 in)
Accuracy Class Normal
Material Stainless Steel
Number of Carriages 1
Preload Light Preload
Weight 0.260 kg (0.573 lbs)
Install Manual Link https://www.thomsonlinear.com/downloads/Profile_Rail_Linear_Guides_Installation_Manual_mnen.pdf


Performance Value
100 km Dynamic Load Rating 3,268 N (735 lbf)
50 km Dynamic Load Rating 4,020 N (904 lbf)
Maximum Acceleration 50 m/s² (164 ft/s²)
Maximum Velocity 3 m/s (10 ft/s)
Static [Mx] Roll Moment 48 N·m (35 lbf·ft)
Static [My] Pitch Moment 17 N·m (13 lbf·ft)
Static [Mz] Yaw Moment 19 N·m (14 lbf·ft)
Static Load Rating 6,080 N (1,367 lbf)

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