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Gear up for Next Gen Motion Control with Compact Electric Actuators (EU) | 

As the market drives demand for high-productivity solutions, shorter changeover times, increased reliability and energy savings, and reduced maintenance and operating costs, more designers and end users are migrating to electric actuators over pneumatic options. For machinery that requires sophisticated motion control, electric actuators have traditionally been the go-to choice. However, even simpler linear motion applications can benefit from these actuators based on their lack of maintenance, higher energy savings and cleaner operation. Watch this 30-minute webinar recording, and you'll learn:

  • How to save energy with compact, long-life precision linear actuators.
  • How electric actuators reduce maintenance of your machine designs.
  • How to integrate precision linear actuators to a smart factory.
  • How to improve performance of your machine designs.

Presenter: Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist - Linear Actuators, Thomson

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