Ball Screws

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The ball screw drive is an assembly that converts rotary motion to linear motion (or vice versa).  It consists of a ball screw and a ball nut packaged as an assembly with recirculating ball bearings.  The interface between the ball screw and the nut is made by ball bearings which roll in matching ball forms.  With rolling elements, the ball screw drive has a very low friction coefficient and is typically greater than 90% efficient. The forces transmitted are distributed over a large number of ball bearings, giving a low relative load per ball comparatively.

Ball Screws: Design and Installation

VIDEO: Ball Screws: Design and Installation

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Jeff Johnson, Thomson Screw Product Engineer, overviews the anatomy of ball screws and their installation. He covers the function of ball screws in application design as well as the components of a ball screw assembly and of a ball nut. Also included is a demonstration of the installation of a ball nut onto a screw and the ball bearing insertion process in the event that some bearings fall out during installation.

Lead Screw vs. Ball Screw Technology

VIDEO: Lead Screw vs. Ball Screw Technology

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Jeff Johnson, Thomson Screw Product Engineer, says ball screws and lead screws can sometimes be used in the same applications.  Typically, ball screws are used in industry applications that need a lot of load or life while lead screws are used in smaller, lighter duty applications.  Lead screws however are highly customizable with the ability to interchange leads, sizes, nut configurations quickly.  Cost is usually not the primary consideration when selecting a screw technology.  Watch this video to learn the differences.

Metric Series

Thomson’s Metric Series features internal ball returns, integrated wipers, various mounting configurations (flange, v-thread, cylindrical), and high accuracy precision ball screws.  Covering efficient, cost-effective solutions in a small envelope to high precision and high performance with patented.....Learn more about Metric Series >

Inch Series

Thomson has the largest selection of imperial based ball screw products in the industry. We offer multiple configurations in most sizes including round vs. square body shapes, multiple circuit and load options, various mounting configurations (flange, thread, cylindrical), high capacity options, high speed......Learn more about Inch Series >

Installation & Maintenance

Thomson has decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining high quality ball screws. We can help guide you through the installation process,develop good lubrication and maintenance practices - all assure long life and a smooth running ball.....Learn more about Installation & Maintenance >

Legacy Products

Can't find a ball nut or assembly in the current catalog offering? Do you need a ball nut that is different, special, discontinued, or compatible with other products? Many discontinued, custom, or low volume ball nuts can still be purchased using the tables provided in the Visual Product Reference guide. This guide....Learn more about Legacy Products >