Hood Lift

Actuators can help with your quick attach application

Electric linear actuators enable a single maintenance and repair person to access engines quickly and safely, a considerable improvement over pneumatic or hydraulic alternatives.

Reduced Design Costs

  • Built-in clutch or limit switches provide end-of-stroke protection.
  • Wide temperature range and shock/vibration resistance for reliable operation in all conditions.
  • Helps reduce tolerance problems.
  • Works as a hood lock.

Reduced Installation Costs

  • Offers a variety of mounting accessories and easy interface with multiple electronic controls.

Reduced Operating Costs

  • Reliable operation, won't weaken with age or low temperatures.
  • Provides controllable clamping force, preventing the overstressing of hood materials.

Increased Safety and Productivity

  • Holds position with power off – no drifting or backdriving in the wind. Manual overdrive allows operation with dead or no battery.
  • Actuator-aided, one-person lift reduces exposure of operator to awkward lifting positions with heavy loads.
  • Enables easy everyday maintenance.