On this page are nine core applications in which Thomson electric linear actuators can deliver huge benefits over pneumatic and hydraulic mechanisms including reduced design, installation and operating cost and greater safety and productivity.

But this is just the start. Thanks to our enormous product range and proven expertise in custom solutions, you can confidently leverage all of our design skills in any mobile off-highway project. Our application engineers will help you make it happen in applications like these:

+ Throttle Control

Lubricated for life like all Thomson electric linear actuators, these components give you automatic control of engine speed for responsive operation with less noise and emissions and better fuel economy.

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+ Quick Attach

Extremely easy to interface and install in new designs or retrofits, quick-attach actuators also make it safer and easier for the operator to change implements on the loader or skid steer without leaving the seat.

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+ Hood Lift

Hood lift actuators are an elegant and dependable way to access engines for maintenance and repair. They won't weaken with age or extreme temperatures and can't leak. And they smartly adjust for tolerance problems and keep the hood locked without additional components.

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+ Hatch Open

Thomson Electric Linear Actuators far outperform mechanical linkage for spool valve control of boom and tilt cylinders for front-end loaders and other machines, with better design flexibility, ergonomics and user control.

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+ Auger Fold

Choosing Thomson Electric Linear Actuators instead of hydraulics means fewer cables, less mess, and reliable operation for auger fold applications. Actuators can also have the advantage of providing feedback to the operator to ensure the Auger is in proper position for dispensing or transit.

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+ Spout Pivot

Remote Control on equipment functions, such as an extended auger spout, allow the operator to remain in the cab and will increase productivity and throughput. Positioning the spout accurately and reliably with Thomson electric actuators, remotely, allows operators to do it on the “fly” and dispense to trailing vehicles while harvesting - decreasing unproductive down time.

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+ Ladder Lift

Minimize operator strain and reduce trips back and forth with an automated solution for lifting or retracting ladders and stairs. Thomson Electric Linear Actuators can also have the advantage of providing feedback to the operator to ensure the ladder is in the “stowed” position prior to the vehicle moving - preventing damage to the ladder and/or adjacent obstacles.

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+ Broom Control

Electronic linear actuators are tailor-made for broom-control mechanisms on road-sweeping vehicles. Their low mechanical profile, resistance to elements and easy controllability saves money and boosts broom performance.

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