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Two reasons: because in many applications, electric linear actuators can out-perform hydraulic and pneumatic, and because Thomson can make the conversion smooth and trouble-free for you.

The list of applications and uses for electric linear actuators is as long as the list of their benefits over pneumatic and hydraulic. Electric actuators can outperform those technologies in power steering assemblies, ATV dump beds, mower deck assemblies and countless other mobile off-road applications.

Couple this broad reach with Thomson's unmatched range of standard and custom electric linear actuators, and now your project looks better tuned and more profitable.

Where do electric linear actuators excel? These are just a few of the mobile off-highway contexts:

  • Construction
  • Road Maintenance
  • Farming
  • Turf/Lawn & Garden
  • Forestry
  • Railways

Electric linear actuators excel in contexts where control, dependability and safety are paramount.

We've aggressively broadened and deepened our knowledge of mobile off-highway to make products that are not only exceptionally rugged and reliable but also perform with tremendous repeatability and efficiency.

And which functions can electric actuators perform? An impressively wide range, almost anywhere controlled motion is in play. Consider Thomson electric actuators wherever you're engineering:

Automated motion, such as:

  • Raising and lowering a deck on a mower, paver or floor scrubber
  • Shifting a manual transmission
  • Lifting wheelchairs onto a transport vehicle
  • Lifting scooters onto a transport vehicle
  • Operating doors on large off-road vehicles
  • Moving out the slide-outs on recreational vehicles

Automated processes, such as:

  • Moving twine across a round bale of hay for consistent wrap
  • Adjusting the chute opening on a salt/sand spreader relative to speed for consistent application
  • Lifting and lowering pantographs on electrical trains and trams

Remote control, such as:

  • Throttle control from the rear of garbage trucks
  • Positioning the discharge spout on a large chipper, snow-blower or combine
  • Raising and lowering steps on a forestry machine
  • Opening a chute on a salt/sand spreader relative to speed for consistent application
  • Emptying a grass-catcher while seated
  • Opening/closing the engine hatch on a boat
  • Positioning boat, handicapped and vehicle seats
  • Belt tensioning

Personal/public/worker safety, such as:

  • Sliding the cover over stairs in a recreational vehicle
  • Throttle control for a tree stump grinder to protect driver from moving parts and flying debris
  • Medical waste and refuse compacting

Ask a Thomson application engineer if electric linear actuators will outperform pneumatic or hydraulic in your next project. The answer will probably be yes, and the solution will be at your fingertips. Get the conversation started with a Thomson expert now.

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