More productivity and safety with lower cost

Electric linear actuators from Thomson outperform hydraulic and pneumatic systems in many important considerations which matter to OEMs and their customers. Lower cost of machine design, installation and operation. Greater mechanic and operator safety. Increased productivity at every stage, from initial design to lifetime maintenance. Let Thomson help you make the switch.

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We can make it easy for you

We can make it easy for you to follow the industry trend and transition to electric. Fill out our quick get started questionnaire and get a fast follow-up call from a Thomson applications engineer. All we need is some basic information on your project and specifications needs, and together we'll hone in on the mechanical solution and the right Thomson components.

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More machine contexts and more functions

Design engineers need to know: electric linear actuators are proven in a huge range of mobile off-highway scenarios, including construction, road maintenance, recreation, farming and more. And their machine functions are equally broad: automated motion and processes, remote control, and a variety of safety features. Thomson electric linear actuators could revolutionize your next design.

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Start visualizing a better motion solution

We are the original electric linear actuator manufacturer. Today we offer an extensive range of actuators to meet your needs. From the low-cost, small and quiet Electrak 050 to the minimal-maintenance Electrak 1 and the heavy-duty Electrak 10 and PPA-DC, our actuators are real-world proven. Quickly familiarize yourself with our offering, then call Thomson.

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