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Superior Design, Time Saving Benefits

The design of a PC Series™ precision linear actuator delivers extended life, high repeatability, and quiet operation. In addition, it requires minimal maintenance and resists corrosion in harsh environments.

1High precision ball nut
2Ball nut carrier (US patent pending)
3Single point lubrication
4Stainless steel extension tube
5Large diameter ball screw
6Smooth exterior profile
7Extension tube seal
8Stainless steel male rod adapter

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High repeatability and positioning accuracy
Smooth, quiet operation

High side load capacity
Reduced noise
Build in anti-rotation of rod end

Quick and easy maintenance

Suitable for heavy loads and harsh environments

High power density and long life

No collection points during washdown

IP 65 rating suitable for harsh environments

Corrosion resistance
Simple mounting for ISO standard accessories

The RediMount™ system is designed for seamless motor installation in less than five minutes. It accommodates a wide range of motor types and sizes. Motor to actuator alignment is guaranteed, ensuring a trouble-free connection and maximum system performance.

9Thomson RediMount™ motor flange
10Large, flexible coupling
11Sealing plug
12Extra-Wide synchronous belt
13Clamping element
14Straddle mounted pulley bearings
15Large housing

Scroll over the table to see RediMount benefits.

Mounting in less than five minutes
Pre-engineered to mount to more than 600 motors

High torque

IP 65 protection

High thrust loads

Plug & play motor assembly

No radial load on motor shaft

Accomodates large frame motors

Easy to Size and Select

Specification made easy with our Energy Calculator

Easy to Size and Select

  • Size and select your PC Series™ actuator in less than 15 minutes using online selection tools
  • Download configurable 3D CAD Models
  • Specify your solution (length, mounting adapters, motor orientation, and screw leads)

Quick and Reliable Installation

Simple ordering process

Quick and Reliable Installation

  • Install in less than 5 minutes with the Thomson Redimount™ system
  • Use your own motor! Redimount is pre-engineered for more than 600 motor types and sizes
  • Reduce time spent aligning the actuator and motor with the RediMount pre-aligned solution
  • Easily upgrade your machine from pneumatics utilizing the PC Series ISO standard mounting interfaces

Reduced Maintenance

Faster Installation

Reduced Maintenance

  • Quick and effective washdowns due to streamlined profile and IP65 rating.
  • Quickly prepare actuator for lubrication by advancing to fully retracted position
  • Corrosion resistant throughout
  • Longer life due to high power density and ability to compensate for system misalignment

Get Your PC Series with a Suitable Motor

Faster Installation

Get Your PC Series with a Suitable Motor

  • All PC Series sizes and models are available with suitable Kollmorgen AKM servo motors
  • Reduce time spent on the motor sizing and selection process
  • Get a fully assembled and tested motor and actuator package directly from the factory
  • Take advantage of the full range of matching servo drives and controls from Kollmorgen

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