Accelerate your Application

Today’s equipment demands solutions that are more flexible, more powerful, and more energy efficient. In applications like these, choosing Thomson electric actuators instead of pneumatics can make the difference between wasting energy and optimizing it.

Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment Click to Open

smart actuation with Fork Lifts

Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment

Filling heads up and down rapidly and repeatedly on form, fill, and seal equipment. Electric actuators provide an advantage with higher precision and repeatability than a pneumatic solution.

Grading Click to Open

smart actuation for machine operation


Sorting arms and pushers move to shift product into distinct bins in grading applications, often a consolidation point from many production lines. The predictable life of electric actuators ensures that the line will stay up as intended between maintenance cycles.

Converting and Container Manufacturing Click to Open

smart actuation for assembly control stations

Converting and Container Manufacturing

Molding, can and box manufacturing equipment often require several axes to move and operate in confined spaces in close proximity to each other. By using electric actuators instead of pneumatic cylinders you can save space and installation time while improving the accuracy of the process.

Marking & Printing Click to Open

smart actuation for AGV vehicles

Marking & Printing

Product quality and traceability are growing in importance as regulations become more strict. Consistently placing the right label on the right package in the right position is more critical than ever. I n addition, electric actuators are an ideal choice for the end of the manufacturing line, where no air lines may be present.

Secondary Packaging Click to Open

smart actuation for AGV vehicles

Secondary Packaging

Automation is increasing at the end of the line, where products are wrapped, cartoned, strapped, banded, and palletized for shipment. The higher load capability of electric actuators enables more compact machine designs that take up less floor space.

Conveying & Sorting, Pick & Place Click to Open

smart actuation for AGV vehicles

Conveying & Sorting, Pick & Place

Ensuring that the product is at the right place at the right time is an essential part of running an automated manufacturing line, but the product coming down the line can vary. When requirements change, electric actuators allow you to change the end, stop and fence positions on your line quickly with a program change, instead of a redesign and cylinder change.

Automated Storage & Retrieval Click to Open

smart actuation for AGV vehicles

Automated Storage & Retrieval

High equipment utilization is common for automated storage and retrieval units. Save operating costs by reducing system maintenance and consuming less energy when you choose electric actuators instead of pneumatics.