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Have You Seen What Electric Linear Actuators Can Do Now? (EU) | 42 min

Electric linear actuators have come a long way since their origin as basic, slow, medium load pushing-and-pulling devices more than a half century ago. Protection against the elements has greatly improved, integrated controls have added intelligence to their functionality, and life, reliability and performance have all steadily improved. As of today, the next generation of electric linear actuators have taken an evolutionary leap that ushers this technology into a realm once ruled by hydraulic systems.

Watch this 40-minute webinar recording, and learn about:

  • The key features of new electric actuators that make them ideal for conversion from hydraulic systems.
  • The groundbreaking performance and control capabilities that make select electric linear actuators unique.
  • The markets and applications in which electric actuators are now excelling.

Load handling up to 25,000 N. Duty cycle up to 100%. Strokes up to 1200 mm. The list of impressive features and benefits for some of today’s electric linear actuators seems endless. Which of your applications can these actuators improve?

Presenters: Anders Karlsson, Product Line Specialist - Linear Actuators, Thomson Robert Johansson, Conversion Specialist - Thomson

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