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How to Reduce Costs and Improve Time to Market

Reducing engineering design time for new linear motion system projects is integral to lower overall costs and faster time to market. Learn to reduce design time by minimizing non-value added activities, such as re-design, over design, or scope creep.

We'll do this by reviewing the basics: thoroughly understanding all of the application criteria; verifying calculations and analysis via parametric testing of components, modules, and full assemblies; and proving out projected performance results with testing.

Read Reducing Design Time for Linear Motion Systems to learn more.

Does Thomson provide profile rail longer than the standard length?

SOLUTION: Yes, and for rails longer than the longest length available in one piece, a butt joint is required.

A butt joint is formed by butting the end of two matched rails together. The ends of rails that are to be butt jointed are specially machined at the factory and marked with same letter, and must be assembled in the same order. Due to the need to have a special ground joint the rails by the factory longer length must be ordered as a set. Rails butted together without the special joint will not provide a smooth transition for the carriage from one rail to the other. This could damage the bearings and result in premature wear.

Thomson 500 Series Profile Rail (both ball and roller type) come in standard 6m lengths, minimizing the need for butt joints. 

We strongly recommend the use of a locating edge when using butt jointed rails. This ensures proper alignment of the raceways across the joint.

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Introducing the NEW Thomson Glide Screw™ and Max Jac® - Heavy Duty IP69K Electric Linear Actuator
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Did you miss the most recent webinars that announced new Thomson products and technology?  The archived presentations are now available.  Click below to view today!

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NEW! The Thomson Max Jac® - Heavy Duty IP69K Electric Linear Actuator

Breakthrough Linear Motion Technology Now Available in Japanese Industrial Standard Sizes

Thomson Super Smart Ball Bushing® Linear bearings, already available in US Inch and European Metric models, are now available in Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) sizes.

This advanced bearing technology provides up to six times the load capacity or 216 times the travel life of conventional linear bearings. As a result, OEMs who specify Super Smart Ball Bushing bearings can minimize machine downtime and reduce machine costs through the use of smaller, more reliable and less expensive bearings and 60 Case LinearRace® shafts.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Proactively replacing low-cost linear bearings can help avoid unplanned and exponentially more costly shut downs.

Watch Prevent Unplanned Downtime – Linear Bearing Maintenance (4:39) to learn what to look and listen for when bearings begin to deteriorate over long term use.

Catch your failures early and keep throughput at a maximum!

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