Linear Bearings and Guide

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Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in linear motion technology. Look below for component information on Thomson Linear Ball Bushing® Bearings, 60 Case LinearRace® Shafting, and Guides.

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VIDEO: Lubricating Linear Rails and Bearings

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All linear guides and bearings require application of lubrication. Take a cloth with solvent and remove any old contaminates and lubrication that maybe in place.  Once that is done, you can inject the grease fitting directly into the carriage or take a lubricant and apply it directly to the shaft...

Linear Bearing Preventative Maintenance

VIDEO: Prevent Downtime - Bearing Maintenance

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Jayme Stockton, Thomson Product Specialist, describes the advantages of replacing linear bearings early during scheduled system maintenance and the cost savings associated versus unplanned, costly shut downs.  Learn what to look and listen for when bearings begin to deteriorate over long term use - catch your failures early, keep throughput at a maximum.

Round Rail vs. Square Rail Technology

VIDEO: Round Rail vs. Square Rail Technology

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Ryan Thomas, Thomson Linear Rail Product Line Manager, demonstrates performance differences between square rails and round rails and discusses how these differences impact performance in various applications. Covered in this video are topics of deflection and alignment and how design application limits help determine the best type of rail for the application.

Linear Ball Bushing Bearings

Thomson offers the world's largest selection of inch and metric Linear Ball Bushing Bearings.  Choose from over nine different families of linear bearing and linear bearing accessories, all state-of-the-art and top-of-the-line. Learn more about Linear Ball Bushing Bearings >

Linear Specialty Bearings

To meet the often unique needs of your application, Thomson has developed a number of specialty bearings with enhanced capabilities for very high load capacities and performance within contaminated environments.Learn more about Linear specialty Bearings >

LinearRace Shafting

Using Thomson's Roundrail 60 Case® Shafting, Supports, and Assemblies along with Thomson's Linear Ball Bushings, you can increase the life of your application by 50%.  Not all shafting is created equally .... Learn more about 60 Case LinearRace Shafting >

Profile Rail Guides

With sizes ranging from our ultra compact 5mm MicroGuide® to the robust 55mm 500 Series roller, as well as compliancy ranging from our self-aligning T-Series (transport profile rail) to the extremely rigid, machine tool grade roller profile rail, Thomson is the "one-stop" source for all your profile rail needs. Learn more about Profile Rail Guides >

RoundRail Guide Systems

RoundRail Linear Guides are pre-assembled, ready to install stages providing low friction, smooth, accurate motion for a wide range of moment or normal loading configurations. Slide tables are available as customizable RoundRail Linear Guides to multiaxis, turnkey systems complete with motors, drives, controls and electromechanical accessories.Learn more about RoundRail Guide Systems >