Your Advantage with Thomson

Thomson produces the widest selection of miniature machine components that are engineered to work together. For you as a customer, this means faster design times, fewer installation problems, and higher performance and reliability.

Thomson also provides customized solutions. Whether you need alternative materials, customized nut geometry on a lead screw, custom configured bearings, custom end machining for linear guides or special mounting features, Thomson has the answer.

Offer Advantage
Widest variety of miniature linear products on the market
  • Expedited design time
  • Single source of engineering support
  • Consolidated supply base
Products designed to work together
  • Online sizing and selection tools for easy design
  • Less installation problems
  • Higher performance equipment
Easy customization
  • Custom sizes, finishes, materials and more
  • Optimized cost, size and performance
Genuine Thomson quality
  • Less defects and field failures
  • Lower overall cost of ownership
Global company
  • Sales and support around the globe
  • Safe partner with proven track record
  • Knowledge about local standards and preferences

Featured Products

Miniature Metric Linear Bearings

Minature Brakes

Compact and cost competitive, these bearings can help bring high-performing linear guidance to miniature equipment.

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Miniature Metric Rolled Ball Screws

Minature Linear Motion Systems

The line of rolled ball screws from Thomson is designed to offer industry leading capacity, smoothness and quiet operation. This design allows for simple customization and cost effectiveness.

Glide Screw™

Minature Guides

By combining a lead screw and a linear guide, the Glide Screw allows equipment makers to reduce the footprint, improve uptime and reduce cost of ownership of the end product.

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