High performance and less complexity in a small package.

Part linear bearing, part lead screw, the Glide Screw ™ from Thomson combines the best features of these products into an easy to install, one-part solution. In addition, Thomson Glide Screws are resistant to intense heat and integrate Thomson’s patented Lube-for-Life technology for zero maintenance. Don’t see your perfect configuration? Don’t settle, we’ll make it! Let Thomson help you make the switch.

Get Started

It’s easy to make the change to Glide Screw. Fill out our quick get started questionnaire and get a fast follow-up call from a Thomson applications engineer. All we need is some basic information about your project and we’ll work together to optimize your linear motion application.

How the Glide Screw™ Works

Designed to tolerate a moment or side load: The unique design of the Glide Screw allows it to handle both axial, radial and moment loads without additional guidance. The result is an efficient and space-saving design that is quick and easy to install.

Optimized for Today’s Designs

Compared to traditional solutions, the Glide Screw excels: By speeding up and simplifying installation and by reducing field maintenance. Since the Glide Screw™ is both the drive system and linear guide, these features are already perfectly aligned and cannot bind. Therefore, installation is simple and the mating components do not require high tolerance geometric features.