Typical Applications

Today’s equipment demands solutions that are more compact, more reliable, and offer reduced maintenance – exactly what a Glide Screw™ delivers. Click on the tabs below to see four application examples.

Fluid PumpsClick to Open

Syringe pumps and integrated fluid pumps are a growing segment of the medical treatment industry. The stringent demands of these applications require smaller, cleaner, smoother, and quieter products. Glide Screws deliver on all of these needs for an optimal design.

3D Printing or EngravingClick to Open

Innovative and portable, multi-axis printers / engravers are revolutionizing rapid prototyping and consumer products. The Glide Screw can reduce the number of components required, decrease system complexity and assembly time, and produce a better machine.

Fluid Pipetting / 3-Axis Lab AutomationClick to Open

Clinical diagnostic and life science research instruments are requiring faster and more accurate systems in smaller footprints. Uniquely designed for z-axis applications requiring the smallest footprint, the Glide Screw can replace traditional linear guided products that are overdesigned and more expensive.

Clinical DiagnosticsClick to Open

Automated diagnostic instruments continue to grow in importance in today’s laboratories and hospitals. Space is at a premium in these facilities and the Glide Screw enables more compact designs. The Glide Screw also offers silent and maintenance free performance, minimizing service calls and maximizing instrument availability.